2021 Jail Administrators Conference Handouts

Leadership: Is It Your Passion or Duty?

Speaker: Jason Lawrence


Responding to the Jail in Crisis

Speaker: Diana Turner, Jackson County Detention Center


“My Booking Information Does What?”-Understanding Your Agency’s Impact on VINE

 Speaker: Rhonda Wilson, MOVANS


Critical Incident Regional Response Teams

Speaker: Lt. McMein, Cass County Sheriff’s Office


Staff Engagement, Motivation and Retention

Speaker: Carrie Wooten, Mindset Enterprise


Introduction to Mental Health First Aid

Speaker: Jonel Coleman, St. Charles County Detention Center


The CMHL Initiative and Managing Behavioral Health Issues in Jails

Speakers: Laura Heitmann CMHL & Sheriff Allison Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

CMHL Resource Map


Overview of Missouri CIT and Jail CIT Training Program

Speaker: Sgt. Klaus, Perry County Sheriff’s Office


Untangling the Mystery of Medical Programs; What does ALL THAT mean?

Speaker: Deb Ash, Correctional Medical-Legal Consultant, LLC

Legal Update

Speaker: Major Erik Holland, Platte County Sheriff’s Office

Jail Emergency Management Operations

Speaker: Cpt. Keith Hoskins (Ret), Former Boone County Sheriff’s Office