2021 Year-End Fatality Report to Release January 11, 2022

This year, hundreds of names were engraved on the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC, bringing the total to 22,611 officers killed in the line of duty. Photo courtesy of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund NLEOMF.org


The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) has announced that its proprietary 2021 Law Enforcement Officers Fatalities Report, which will encapsulate the data and causes surrounding line-of-duty deaths in 2021, will release on Tuesday morning, January 11. When released, the report is expected to show that Covid-related line-of-duty deaths display a marked increase over the same period in 2020. In addition, struck-by traffic deaths, officer ambushes, and firearms fatalities also increased over 2020.

NLEOMF CEO Marcia Ferranto and Executive Director of Officer Safety and Wellness, Troy Anderson, will be addressing the community via Livestream at 8:00am Eastern on January 11 about the findings. To watch the Livestream, tune into the NLEOMF Facebook page or watch on YouTube.


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