Beware of Possible Scam

Recently, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office received promotional magnets with the sheriff’s office name and information from area businesses on them. The magnets came from a company by the name of FIVEFISH located at 109 S Elm St, Van, TX 75790.

The company sells advertisements to area business as if representing a sheriff’s office and to provide advertising for the office with local businesses.

This company may or may not be doing legitimate business. However, this is not an approved sheriff’s office project and there is a pattern of this type of misrepresentation as being affiliated with a local sheriff’s office. camden/article_196c20bb-e601-59a9-ba2d-2564831c054a.html

If you or anyone you know is contacted by a representative from FIVEFISH, do not give them money without contacting your local sheriff’s office first.

From Kevin Merritt
Executive director of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association

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