Boone County Sheriff’s Office Implements Techniques Being Adopted by Hospital

Sheriff ​Dwayne ​Carey ​(center) ​​poses with ​ ​Jamie Callahan with Show-Me Ductless (left) and  ​Bill Wise with WCS Construction (rigt), ​the contractors who installed the disinfectant tent​, which will be used to disinfect staff and equipment  ​.(Boone County Sheriff’s Department)  

The Boone County Sheriff​’​s Department installed a disinfectant tent in the Sally Port at the Boone County Jail ​in early April in an effort to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into the jail.

The disinfectant tent, which was installed by local contractors, projects a mist of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on people walking through the tent.

All persons entering the Jail will now pass through the tent and the hydrogen peroxide disinfe​​cting mist prior to being allowed to enter the Boone County Jail.

On Friday​, April 10​, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department announced the same disinfectant stations were installed at both University Hospital and the Woman’s and Children’s Hospital.

​A​ Facebook post​ stated​,​ “Dr. Beckett and numerous staff members are excited to have another tool at their disposal to assist with disinfecting staff and equipment. We appreciate Dr. Beckett and the local contractors including us with this innovative idea to add to the numerous other protocols and procedures we have implemented to try and prevent COVID-19 from entering our Jail.”

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By Megan Smaltz | KRCG TV

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