COVID-19 Webinars Available to Law Enforcement, First Responders

No-Cost training on COVID-19 is being made available for law enforcement and first responders through PoliceOne Academy.

Agencies currently using PoliceOne Academy can access the training through their normal P1A account.

For those agencies not using PoliceOne Academy, they can access the training by going to, and again, it is 100 percent free.

An individual can self-sign-up to get access to the training, but if a training supervisor wants to make the training available to his or her entire department, that is free too.

The website states that the individual training would be helpful for law enforcement officers, fire and EMS, corrections officers and city employees.

Department heads and leaders should register under the tab titled “Organizational & Agency.” After filling it out,  someone from the PoliceOne staff will on-board the department and roster information so the training can be assigned to all personnel and progress can be tracked.

COVID-19 Response for Chiefs and Administrators, contains policies and the Roll-call video by Gordon on Pandemic Ready as well as the following courses:

  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Pandemic Planning – Elements of the Plan
  • Pandemic Planning – The Planning Organization  

COVID Response for Police contains the following courses:

  • COVID-19 for Law Enforcement
  • COVID-19 for Local Government Personnel
  • Infectious and Communicable Diseases
  • Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Roll-call video by Gordon on Pandemic Ready

There will be additional policies added to it throughout the weekend, so it matches everything listed above.

 Please feel free to share this – we want to do our part to keep our cops and their families safe!

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