Eye for Evidence: Vehicle Accident Photos

Story and Photo By Hilary Rodela for Officer.com

Vehicle accidents are one of those situations where it can be easy to overlook evidence. An accident scene should be treated just as though it were any other crime scene. Here are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind when it comes to processing and documenting vehicle accident scenes.

One key point to remember is that your photos should be so detailed that someone could look at them, not knowing anything about the location, and still be able to find it. Ensure that landmarks are included. You need these reference points to show the exact location of the crash scene. Take photos of street signs and make your way to the actual scene. Just as you would take overall and close up photos at a crime scene, you need to take overall and close up photos of a crash site. When it comes to your overall photos take photos from all angles so that if need be a panoramic view could be pieced together.

The next set of photos should be of the tire tracks or skid marks. These need to be taken from the median range and the close up range. This way they may be reviewed and directionality as well as breaking distance may be determined.

Other aspects to consider that must be documented through photographs. The vehicles at the scene need to photographed as well as any debris around. Ensure that license plates are included and any damage.

Each of these pieces will help you record a crash scene in a well-documented way that will help you determine the truth.

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