Getting Started with First Responder Therapy Dogs Webinar

Dogs have long been recognized for their unique ability to relate to humans. Bonding with a dog can lower blood pressure and release mood-elevating hormones. It can make you smile, laugh and live in the moment. Today, many public safety agencies use therapy dogs to relieve personnel following tough calls, as well as to defuse the natural tension that comes with the job. Therapy dogs are proving to be a key ingredient in agency wellness programs, helping first responders process the trauma they experience, reduce anxiety, cope with grief—and sometimes, just reset between calls. Join Lexipol in this special event to learn more about how a first responder therapy dog program can benefit your agency. You’ll Learn:

  • How a therapy dog program benefits personnel, the agency and the community 
  • Key program considerations, from funding and handler compensation to dog selection and training
  • Different therapy dog program models 
  • How to build executive-level support 

The webinar is scheduled for noon Central Daylight, 1 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, May 11,It will be presented by: Chief Neil Gang, Captain Reed Norwood and Marie Ridgeway, MSW, LICSW, RYT

Presented by:


Chief Neil Gang
Pinole (CA) Police 

Captain Reed Norwood
West Metro (CO) Fire Department
Marie Ridgeway, MSW, LICSW, RYT
Founder and Police Therapist
Marie Ridgeway & Associates 
Shoreview, MN

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