Basic Academy

Academy Instructor Electronic Invoice Link (Click Here)

MSATA – Basic Academy Forms – Click HERE to download printable forms.

The file contains the following forms:
-Firearms Qualification Sheet
-Firearms Range Safety Rules Safety Acknowledgement Sheet
-Instructor Invoice
-Physical Training Log Sheet
-Physical Training Test Sheet (Final-Test)
-Physical Training Test Sheet (Mid-Test)
-Physical Training Test Sheet (Pre-Test)
-Shooting Decisions Performance Sheet
-Trainee Ride Along Observation Report

100 Administrative Procedures – Click HERE to Download

101 Administrative Procedures-Jan 2022-Click HERE to download.

102 Basic Study Skills And Note Taking-Jan 2022-Click HERE to download. 

201 Introduction to Legal Blocks – Click HERE to download

202 The Criminal Process – Click HERE to download

203 Rules of Evidence – Click HERE to download

204 Admissions Confessions Miranda – Click HERE to download

205 Contact Detention Arrest – Click HERE to download

206 Prisoner Rights and Privileges – Click HERE to download

207 Searches Seizures & the Search Warrant – Click HERE to download

208 Non Fourth Amendment Seizures – Click HERE to download

209 Stop and Frisk – Click HERE to download

210 Search Incident to Arrest – Click HERE to download

211 Searches & Seizures without a Warrant – Click HERE to download

212 Peace Officer Liability – Click HERE to download

2013 Constitutional Law Handouts – Click HERE to download

300 Missouri Statutory Law – Click HERE to download.

401 Uniform Citation – Click HERE to download

402 Registration, Licensing and Insurance – Click HERE to download

403 Traffic and Vehicle Equipment Regulations – Click HERE to download

500 Ethics and Professionalism – Click HERE to download

601 Domestic Violence Response – Click HERE to download.

602 Child Abuse and Neglect – Click HERE to download.

701 Tactical Communications – Click HERE to download.

702 Communication Obstacles – Click HERE to download.

703 Cultural Diversity – Click HERE to download.

704 Dealing with Aggressive Behavior – Click HERE to download.

705 Dealing with Death – Click HERE to download.

801 Introduction to Patrol – Click HERE to download.

802 Crime Prevention – Click HERE to download.

803 Radio Communication Procedures – Click HERE to download.

804 Processing and Documentation Procedures – Click HERE to download.

805 Field Interviews – Click HERE to download.

806 Basic Security Principles – Click HERE to download.

807- Search of Persons Vehicles – Click HERE to download.

808 Vehicle Stops – Click HERE to download.

809 Emergency Response Building Searches  – Click HERE to download.

810 Gangs, Transients and Organized Crime – Click HERE to download.

811 Civil Disturbance Response – Click HERE to download.

812 Survival Mentality – Click HERE to download.

813 Hazardous Materials – Click HERE to download.

901 Terrorism WMD Awareness – Click HERE to download.

902 IS-100 – Click HERE to download.

901 IS-700 – Click HERE to download.

1001 STARS Accident Report Writing and Diagramming – Click HERE to download.

1002 Accident Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1003 Introduction to Traffic RADAR – Click HERE to download.

1004 SFST 2018 – Click HERE to download.

1005 Traffic Control and Direction – Click HERE to download.

1006 Traffic Handouts – Click HERE to download.

1101 Interrogation Process – Click HERE to download.

1102 Informant Use – Click HERE to download.

1103 Case and Trial Preparation – Click HERE to download.

1104 Crime Scene Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1105 Introduction to Basic Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1106-1107 Crime Scene Processing-Fingerprint Evidence – Click HERE to download.

1108 Property Crime Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1109 Theft Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1110 Burglary Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1111 Assault Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1112 Robbery Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1113 Death Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1114 Intro to Drug Identification & Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1115 Sexual Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1116 Bad Check Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1117 Auto Theft Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1118 Criminal Intelligence – Click HERE to download.

1119 Arson and Explosives Investigation – Click HERE to download.

1120 Clandestine Drug Labs – Click HERE to download.

1121 Crime Scene Investigation Handouts – Click HERE to download.

1201 Introduction to Report Writing – Click HERE to download.

1202 Interviewing Skills – Click HERE to download.

1203 Report Writing Exercises – Click HERE to download.

1204 Criminal History Reporting – Click HERE to download.

1300 Juvenile Justice and Procedures – Click HERE to download.

1400 First Responder – Click HERE to download.

1500 – This course it taught from the HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force Student Manual.

1501- Edged Weapons is taught from the HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition SKD Student Manual.

1507 – Ground Fighting is taught from the HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition GAGE Student Manual.

1508 – Use of Force Scenarios  Click HERE to download.

1509 – Mechanics of Arrest  Click HERE to download.

1601 Fundamentals of Marksmanship – Click HERE to download.

1602 Shooting Stance-Load-Dry Fire – Click HERE to download.

1603 Handgun Skill development – Click HERE to download.

1604 Handgun Qualification – Click HERE to download.

1605 Shotgun Introduction – Click HERE to download.

1606 Skill Development Shotgun – Click HERE to download.

1607 Shotgun Qualification – Click HERE to download.

1608 Stress Combat – Click HERE to download.

1609 Night Fire – Click HERE to download.

1610 Shooting Decisions – Click HERE to download.

1701 Physical Training – Click HERE to download.

1702 Stress Management – Click HERE to download.

1703 Health, Fitness and Nutrition – Click HERE to download.

1801 Emergency Maneuver Techniques – Click HERE to download.

1802 Skill Development Day Night – Click HERE to download.

1803 Fundamentals of Law Enforcement Driving – Click HERE to download.

1900 Aerosol Weapons – Click HERE to download.

2000 Bean Bag Less Lethal – Click HERE to download.

2100 Patrol Rifle – Click HERE to download.

2200 Practical Application – Click HERE to download.

2300 Taser – This class is taught by certified TASER instructors using the TASER Instructor Manual.

2401 Computer Based Supplemental Training (CBS) – Click HERE to download.

2402 Bias & Predictive Processing: Human Nature or Police Oppression? POST #21917 – Click HERE to download

2403 Prone Restraint & The Risk of Asphyxia POST #22123 – Click HERE to download

2404 Use of Force Decision Making POST #21621 – Click HERE to download

2405 Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention (Employees) POST #21239 – Click HERE to download

MSA CLEE Credit Underwriting

The Missouri Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) is a POST Licensed CLEE Training Provider.  Agencies contracted with MSA who would like to create and provide their own in house or in service training may submit their CLEE training course to MSA for underwriting. The MSA will assist the agency in preparing the course for MSA/POST approval. Once a course is approved and MSA issues a POST Control Number, the contract agency may provide the training. After the training course is scheduled but before prior to the training date, the instructor should contact the MSA (donna@mosheriffs.com) and request a class sign-in sheet and individual student MSA CLEE Application forms.

All training course attendees must sign in at the start of class, complete an MSA CLEE Application form, and be present and participate in the entire class to receive POST CLEE Credit. Instructors who wish to receive CLEE credit for presenting the class should also sign, and complete a MSA CLEE Application form.  Upon completion of the training, the instructor must sign the class sign-in sheet on the instructor signature line verifying all the students were present and participated in the entire training session.  The sign-in sheet along with all students’ MSA CLEE Applications, should be mailed to the MSA Business Office 6605 Bus. 50 West, Jefferson City, MO 65109.The  MSA will then issue training certificates to the students, upload the CLEE credit to POST, and maintain all training files required by POST.

The above services are provided free of charge to MSA Contract Agencies and their employees. Attendees who are not employed by a contract agency will be charged a fee to cover the cost of the training and processing of POST CLEE credit.  The cost will be based on the specific course being conducted.  Advanced, Specialty, and Instructor level courses require more preparation, materials, specialists instructors, and other resources and may require an attendance/supply fee for all attendees.  All course fees will be determined and approved in advance of the training being presented.

Agencies interested in having the MSA underwrite their training program must complete an MSA Course Credit Application form (click link download), and each instructor presenting the training must complete an Instructor Record (click link to download an additional Instructor Record form). The application and all necessary supporting documents detailed in the application should be submitted to the MSA Training Program Coordinator for approval.  Applications submitted electronically are preferred if possible, or they may be mailed to the MSA Business Office (Please include an electronic copy on a USB drive with any printed copies).

USE AUTHORIZATION: A significant roadblock to conducting training for any agency is the time, research, and development of a lesson plan.  Agencies who submit their training courses to the MSA for underwriting are strongly encouraged to allow their MSA-approved lesson plans to be shared by other MSA contract agencies. Agencies willing to share their lesson plans are encouraged to check the Use Authorization statement included on the MSA Course Credit Application form.  Training lesson plans will only be shared by the MSA to other MSA Contract Agencies.