Missouri Sheriffs United Endorses Mike Parson for Governor

Governor Mike Parson today announced the endorsement from the Missouri Sheriffs United in his campaign for governor.

“As a 22-year law enforcement veteran, and a former Polk County ​s​heriff, the governor understands the needs of law enforcement. While many want to ​’​defund the police​,’​ Governor Parson will protect those who are sworn to protect all of our citizens. Knowing that law enforcement officers risk their lives to defend our families and our neighborhoods, he will do everything he can to provide them with the tools they need to do their job,” Sheriff David Parrish, Missouri Sheriffs United ​p​resident, said. “That is why Missouri Sheriffs United has endorsed one of our own to continue to serve as ​g​overnor of the State of Missouri.”

For the first time in Missouri gubernatorial history, ​s​heriffs across the state are united in support of Gov​. ​Parson. This endorsement is a reflection of Gov​. Parson’s proven commitment to the protection of law abiding citizens in Missouri and dedication to the firm and fair enforcement of Missouri law.

“I will always stand by our law enforcement community as ​g​overnor,” Gov​.​ Parson said, “I am proud to announce this endorsement from the Missouri Sheriffs United, and I am humbled to have support from the law enforcement community across Missouri. Together, we will work to keep our communities safe for all Missourians.”

Gov​.​ Parson has a strong background in service to others, having spent 22​ ​years in law enforcement and serving two tours of duty in the United States Army as a​n​ MP.  After returning home, he joined the ​s​heriff’s office and eventually was elected by his community to serve as Polk County ​s​heriff.

“Our officers put their lives on the line every day for Missourians. I’ll always have their backs and stand up against radical calls to defund and abolish our police. Missouri ​s​heriffs work each day to hold those who violate the law accountable. We will not have safe communities without law and order, and Missouri ​s​heriffs work each day to safeguard our society from lawlessness,” Gov​.​ Parson said.

To view the full endorsement by Missouri Sheriffs United, click here.

By Cody Sanders | Ozark Radio News

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