State Approves 21 Medical Marijuana Transportation Facilities

Missouri has issued the first round of certifications for medical marijuana transportation facilities.

The state Department of Health and Senior Services issued certifications to 21 of 24 applicants across the state.

Transportation applications may be submitted at any time. DHSS will continue to review and approve or deny any applications it receives going forward.

The department notified the approved applicants for transportation facilities by email. It also issued notifications of application denials. Denials are issued for several reasons, including failure to meet minimum qualifications, failure to return applications after rejection notices or application withdrawals.

The list of approved and denied applicants for medical marijuana transportation facilities may be found at

The application fee for a distribution facility is $5,000. Distribution facilities are required to use unmarked vehicles that contain clean, smooth-sided storage containers. The containers (or cargo areas) must be lockable. Vehicles must contain a lockable box for storing payments, with video monitoring. Vehicles must have GPS tracking. They must contain video monitoring of the driver and passenger compartment of the vehicle, and of any area where the products are being stored during transit.

Transportation facilities are required to deliver products to their destination within 24 hours. Staff are to be trained in the statewide track and trace system — developed to track marijuana from seeds (or small plants) to sale.

Last week, the DHSS released a list of approvals and denials for applicants for medical marijuana testing facilities.

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