Youth Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign Kicks Off Soon

Seat Belt Check!

Going somewhere? Make sure you’re buckled up and hold others accountable to buckle up as well. Every trip. Every time.

Law enforcement will be cracking down on unbelted drivers during this campaign March 15 – 31.

Under the Graduated Driver License Law, teens from age 15-18 are required to wear their seat belt and it’s a primary offense if they don’t, meaning they can be pulled over solely for not wearing their seat belt.

Based on the 2018 seat belt survey, teen use in Missouri is only 74 percent, much lower than state (87 percent) and national (91 percent) seat belt use.

Missouri has seven schools with a seat belt usage rate of 50 percent or less and 30 schools with a rate of 60 percent or less.


100 Percent of teen impaired drivers killed in 2017 were unbuckled.

688 Teens were killed or seriously injured in crashes in 2017.

42 Percent – The amount a seat belt reduces the risk of fatal injury.

70 Percent of teen vehicle occupant fatalities were unbuckled in 2017.

Three schools from the Missouri Coalition for Safety Central District were recently given awards for their exceptional participation in the “It Only Takes One campaign. Eugene High School and Calvary Lutheran High School had 100% Buckle Up participation from staff and students and Iberia High School had over 95% Buckled Up. Each school participated in Safety Belt checks unknown to those coming into the lots more than twice during the campaign. Each school received a Certificate of Completion, a $500 Safety Grant and a Banner to proudly hang in their gym.

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