Leadership and Supervision in Today’s World (POST# 21279)-Stone County-Nov 2022

Stone County Sheriff’s Office 110 S. Maple, Galena, MO

Contract Agency Student: Free
Non-Contract Agency Student: $75.00
Learn the importance of knowing your own strengths and limitations; of effectively communicating a positive, realistic vision; as well as the importance of motivating and inspiring followers to reach their potential.

Free – $75.00

FREE Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Training POST #24363-Wright County-Dec 2022

Wright County Sheriff's Office 125 Courthouse Square, Hartville, MO

The Chaplain should seek to bring comfort and consolation to persons involved in accidents OR natural catastrophes or to those who have been confronted with death. This 16-hour course is designed to help these qualified and experienced professionals provide meaningful emotional support, spiritual support, and pastoral care to all who have been affected. TOPICS INCLUDE […]

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Field Training Officer (FTO) Course – Jefferson City – December 2022 (POST Control #10029)

Missouri Sheriff's Association 6605 Business 50 West, Jefferson City, MO

Contracted Agency Student: Free
Non-Contracted Agency Student: $400.00
This course offers the basic information needed to train and evaluate a new officer. It is based on the highly regarded San Jose, California Police Department FTO model established in the 1970s.

Get Tickets Free – $400.00