Field Training Officer (FTO) Course – Jefferson City – March 2022 (POST Control #10029)

Missouri Sheriff's Association 6605 Business 50 West, Jefferson City, MO

Contracted Agency Student: Free
Non-Contracted Agency Student: $400.00
This course offers the basic information needed to train and evaluate a new officer. It is based on the highly regarded San Jose, California Police Department FTO model established in the 1970s.

Free – $400.00

Leadership and Supervision in Today’s World-Taney County-March 2022

Taney County Sheriff's Office 266 Main Street, Forsyth, MO

Contract Agency Student: Free
Non-Contract Agency Student: $75.00
Learn the importance of knowing your own strengths and limitations; of effectively communicating a positive, realistic vision; as well as the importance of motivating and inspiring followers to reach their potential.

Free – $75.00